Saturday, February 26, 2011

Music Lessons In Your Home

Let the teacher come to you...

Jake Nielsen & Associates have provided music instruction to students in their homes in the Greater Richmond Virginia area since 1995. We are a group of independent teachers who share common teaching strategies and business principles.

We offer lessons in piano, guitar, voice, drums and cello.  Our instructors are performers as well as teachers, and we encourage our students to perform at every opportunity - including student recitals and our very own "Richmond School of Rock." 

Our Method

Our emphasis is on "practical music" - music that the student enjoys and will use, combined with basic fundamentals of musicianship. We begin all students with a set curriculum, then custom fit our teaching method to each individual student, moving at a speed that best suits each personality.  Our core curriculum is classical, but we explore a variety of styles. 

Being in your home each week gives us a chance to communicate the needs and expectations of your student in a more intimate atmosphere than a studio or music store.  We gladly welcome input from parents, and we rely on them to encourage daily practice from our students.

We start students as young as kintergarden, but usually 1st grade, and can advance them to a beginner level of college performance.  (The music you hear now is a performance by one of my high school seniors.)  We also welcome adult students of all backgrounds, and offer an "adults only" recital/party once a year.  We also offer flexible morning and early afternoon lesson times for homeschoolers.

Our Policy

We offer lessons year round, on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We teach every week of the year, except for the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and one week in the summer (some teachers have 2 weeks off).  There is a flat charge each month, which stays the same whether there are 4 or 5 weeks in the month, and on the vacation weeks afore mentioned.  If you have to miss a lesson, the teacher will do what they can to reschedule it or make it up, but we cannot guarantee that.  If the teacher misses a lesson for a reason other than a vacation week, and you are unable to reschedule, you will be credited for that week.  The monthly fee is determined by the teacher's experience and education.  You will find our rates competitive with local music stores and studios.

Sign Up

I do prefer to talk to parents by phone to discuss your student's individual needs.  Please call me (Mr Jake) at 804-937-9431 with any additional questions, and to sign up for music lessons in your home.  If you have questions you prefer to email, send them to

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